Recently the blog has become inactive, however we are preparing for our meetings over the summer. What we have decided to do is video posts during our summer placement at Kingston. Due to this, we are working hard on preparing for the summer meetings and to ensure that everything is ready for the stream of posts that will soon begin. To keep up-to-date with whats going on, the new information box (to the right of this post) will keep daily information of whats going on. As it currently reads, we are updating the blog to better deal with video posts rather than written content.


Once again, apologies for the inactivity over the past few posting days.

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Exclusive| Ben and Oliver go to Surrey HQ! Meetings and more…

My personal conquest to reinstate some sort of youth democracy program within Surrey hit new levels last week, with my meeting with the Assistant Director for young people in Surrey (previous post here). Although the debate for what shall be done is still ongoing, we shall resolve this while me and Oliver are undergoing some work experience at the Kingston Based Surrey Headquarters over our summer holiday. We are doing two weeks there, and are essentially going to be doing some action research. This will involve us experiencing what the council do to help them improve what they do. The key outcome is to identify suitable models which can be used by young people to influence council policy. We are going to view Cabinet and Education Select Committee meetings right at the start of our placement.

This is a great opportunity for us, and are going to be taking any ideas (through our twitter or comments) that you want us to put forward.

We may be minutely inactive over the summer holidays due to our placement and other commitments, but I am thinking about doing a video of our time at the work experience, although I am not confirming that yet.

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US bloggers banned from UK

Home Secretary Theresa May is considering banning two US bloggers from entering the UK to speak at an English Defence League rally.

(overview from BBC News)

  • Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer are due to join an EDL march in Woolwich, where Drummer Lee Rigby was killed.
  • The pair are prominent “anti-Islamisation” campaigners in the US.
  • Home affairs committee chairman Keith Vaz claims their presence will fuel hatred and is calling for them to be denied visas.

Ever since the murder of drummer Lee Rigby, I for one have heard of a lot more hate crimes – towards Islamist and Muslims. This was probably the tipping point for some people when army member Lee Rigby was killed. The EDL (or English Defence League) are holding marches in Woolwich – which I think is okay. That’s my personal view right there, but as long as its peaceful then whats wrong? What happened is horrific, of that there is no denying, so why cant we act upon that and actually discuss what can be done to prevent anything similar from happening again?

Whats this got do to with the US bloggers? Well..

the men who killed drummer Lee Rigby were well-known to MI5 and yet were allowed to go out in public and stay here in the UK. They were known to be extremists, and nothing was done. To act upon some bloggers who are here simply just to protest, I think just shows that there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed with the law in this country.

Still have doubts? Read on..

Past extremist protests have walked the streets of Britain, carrying banners as you see below;

And, as you can see the police are defending these men? No. Time to take a stance upon extremism.

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Finially! Abu Qatada | 8 year legal battle, £4Million in tax payers money

After costing the tax payer more than £1.7m so far (the home Secretary has confirmed) Abu Qatada has finially agreed to go back to be tried in Jordan in a fair trail on terror charges.

The UK’s battle with the European law for Human rights to deport Abu Qatada has finially come to a close. The Government has been trying to deport Qatada to Jordan, where he was convicted of terror charges in his absence in 1999, for around eight years.

On top of the legal fees, keeping him in jail for years has cost the taxpayer £850,000 while the security bill to monitor him while he was released has topped £1million, plus housing and benefits costs have so far amounted to £250,000, pushing the total cost to around £4million.

On the 1st of May, it emerged that David Cameron threatened to  ‘temporarily withdraw’ from the European Convention on Human Rights in order to expedite a radical cleric’s deportation.  Of course, we didn’t as this could of made Britain in some eyes a “international outlaw”. Now a treaty has been made between Jordan and Britain to ensure a fair trial in Jordan, Abu has agreed to leave.

I know it was necessary to deport him, and would of  cost this much. But why was the Europain law of human rights not even willing to cooperate a little? Considering it has been confirmed that these charges are accurate, we effectively provided protection to a terrorist? Yet another example of a broken system that really does, need to be fixed.

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Syria “up in” arms

Parliament would get to vote before the UK sent any arms to Syrian opposition forces, William Hague has said.

80 MP’s have asked David Cameron to hold a parliament consultation before agreeing to send arms to Syrian rebels.

William Hague has stated that whilst there is no procedure for the current status, ” there will be a vote one way or another”

Britain has a reputation for interfering in wars of which we don’t really need to be apart of. In our current economical state, we really need to think as a country what our money should be spent on. I think we should totally remove all forces from Afghanistan if we are to embark in supporting yet another country from self-destruction. Afghanistan have proven that they, with British training, can hold their own now. So why do we still sacrifice British troops every day for a country which can use its own troops?

Syria is much more in the need for British help, so I think that if we are to arm Syria (which will cost a lot of money) then we should save money, and troops, by cutting our support to Afghanistan.


Of course, that is my opinion. Have your own? See if others agree! Go to http://www.voteyourgoat.co.uk and start posting what really “gets your goat”. Its totally free and I have many opinions on there which don’t make it onto the weekly post. Go check it out!

Nigel Farage; the leader without any MP’s

It emerged this week that Nigel Farage has asked to be aired on television along with the other main party leaders on the leader’s debate during the run up to the next general election. However, Mr Cameron has refused to share a platform with a “leader” who has no MP’s. This is a correct decision, in my opinion, as they scored a poor result in the local elections and are still controversial in many peoples opinions. 


I’m not too sure about the actual direction of UKIP, but as more and more people are turning to them we need to look at what they would do if they came into power. For me, I wouldn’t ever vote for them. Not too sure what they want to do.  

Woolwich; the effects

Reported increase in incidents targeting Britain’s Muslim community has been registered following the Woolwich terrorist murder.

Attacks against mosques, graffiti, verbal abuse had all increased since Wednesday, when Drummer Lee Rigby was brutally murdered close to Woolwich Barracks.

Many Muslims are speaking out about this incident, reiterating that because a few members of their community has carried out these thoughtless and vile actions, they are not all like that.

I have to agree, as would anyone who has any sense whatsoever. However, I do think that more must be done by overseas governments to ensure that any training or preaching of acts of terror are ended. For years there has been speculation and proof of “terrorist training camps” ashore and overseas.  Although the secret agencies do a brilliant job of stopping terror attacks before they happen (most of the time) more must be done to infiltrate and close the camps, thus removing the original problem.

It is hard, after seeing images like this;


to remain accepting. However, we must remember it is the minority of extremists that act in this way, and our anger cannot be taken out on the majority that don’t. 

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